Welcome to the Order in Warwickshire

The Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David & Jonathan, is non-denominational and open to all Master Masons in good standing, who are members of a regular Craft Constitution. Our Rituals and Ceremonies generate a deeper understanding of the Craft principle of Brotherly Love and they demand a higher level of commitment to their precepts by every Brother of the Order.

The Order has an interesting history and the first references to it are of Dutch origin and date from the Nineteenth Century. Originally, the Order, as worked in America, consisted of a single Degree, which could be conferred on any worthy Master Mason by another Brother who had received it himself. The Grand Council was formed later in 1887. The ritual was subsequently extended when a further two degrees were added, one of which pertained to the Installation of the Supreme Ruler.

There are four officers who are of key importance in promoting the fundamental principles of the Order. These are the Visiting Deacons. They are each assigned a portion of the membership and they are responsible for communicating with their “charges” between meetings of the Conclave to ensure that all is well with them. A Supreme Ruler, who represents David, heads each Conclave and the Immediate Past Supreme Ruler represents Jonathan. The other principal officers are the Counsellor and the Guide (equivalent to the Wardens). Then come the usual offices of Treasurer, Recorder, Director of Ceremonies, Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Guarder and Sentinel. In the second or Princes degree, the titles of some of the of officers take on the names of certain biblical characters involved in the story.

“May I take this opportunity in inviting you to become a member of this outstanding order by joining one of our Conclaves and in doing so, become a member of one of the closest knit Orders that exist in Freemasonry throughout the world today.”

R.W.Bro.T.L.Cavill – Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for Warwickshire